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We enforce HTTP-header-based API-key authentication on the endpoints that provide functionality.

Your API Key can be obtained after signing up for the service, and renewed/changed at any time.


X-User-API-Keymy_api_key_valueYour API Key

Test your API key

You can test your API key by making a request to the ping endpoint. If it succeeds, your programmatic connection to 2Chat is ready 😏.

curl --request GET '' \
--header 'X-User-API-Key: my_api_key_value'


For security reasons we enforce same-origin policy. Calling this API from a browser will result in CORS errors and will also leak your API key to anyone looking the HTML or Javascript code of your site.

For example, calling from a browser will fail, but calling that same endpoint indirectly using an endpoint that runs in your servers like, will work.

Learn more about same-origin policy.